Members-only Audio Space

Maybe you have a private podcast, or want to host audio chat’s with your community; Did you know you could do this easily with Space?

Let’s get started.

Create your Space

If you don’t already have an account, you can get started here
Step 1 – You’ll select to host your audio-chat rooms “On”

Step 2 – Give your Space a Name

Step 3 – Set this as a “Private Members-Only Space”
With this enabled, only those who have an invite link to your space will be able to view and join it.
If you do not enable this, your space will be open to the public.

S‍tep 4

Your Space has been created.

Personalize your Space

You can add a header image, logo, a Space description, view your space URL and also get your invite link

Click the down arrow next to the space name to open settings

This opens the settings page where you can change things.

Below is what a customized settings page would look like.

Member access to your Space

A space gets a Space URL (that you setup previously) and your members access your space using the URL for web browsers; You can obtain your mobile friendly URL if you share this url from the mobile app.

A private member’s only space requires the member to join via the private space invite link.

The screens below show the message a non-member sees and the flow for members who join via the invite link

If someone tries to visit your space and they haven’t logged in, or are not a member, they see the error below.

If they use the invite link; they get to view the Space and Join.

Clicking Join will first require them to sign-in if they aren’t already and then offer an opt-in confirmation screen.

They’ll be able to access all live and recorded sessions.

Create Live & Past events.

From the dashboard, you can create both Live and Past events.

A live event allows you and your members to have a live audio chat that can be recorded. If you’d like to record events, you can enable this from settings.

A past event allows you to upload pre-existing audio to your space, that may have been created elsewhere – for your members to listen to, like a podcast.

From the dashboard, you can click on “Create Event”.

You can either go live and host an audio chat, or you can click on the “Past Room” link right below the Create Room title.

We will this with a title, desc and date/time of the recording

The event is created, and a recording can be uploaded

Uploaded recordings can be deleted/replaced as needed.

Members can then listen to these from your Space

That’s all it takes to create your Member Only Audio Space

Have questions or need help? send us an email at