Add Audio Chat to Everything.


Your Product

Add Space is a solution that allows you to create audio event rooms or provide one-to-one chat support through a widget on your website or product. Our API and SDK make it easy for you to launch a customized and fully white-labeled audio chat experience, with no prior knowledge of audio required.

With our white labeling feature, you can build a custom chat widget that reflects the branding of your company, and use it to host live events like product launches, updates, or training sessions. Additionally, your users can easily view upcoming events that you have scheduled and sign up for them through the same widget.

Your Team

Utilizing Space for your team can greatly simplify your team meetings. With Space, you can run town halls, open enrollment, and other informative team meetings through your intranet directly. This means you won't have to download any software or worry about sending out new links constantly.

In addition, running audio-only meetings can also be beneficial for your team. Not having to worry about video will allow your team to just focus on the information being presented. This can lead to a more productive and efficient meeting. By adding Space as an option, you can easily switch between audio and video meetings depending on the needs of your team.

Our simplified pricing model means that you can utilize Space for your team or customers with no additional charge.


Your Brand

Use Space to connect with your community on your own terms! With Space, you can bring your fans to your own site and run events that allow you to create a deeper connection with them. By hosting events on your site, you can move fans from other social platforms onto your site, where they can engage with your content and other fans.

In addition, if you are a podcast host or produce other types of media, you can take advantage of our Audio Funnel feature to capture voice memos from your fans. These memos can be played on your content, adding a personal touch that makes your audience feel more connected to you.


Your Product

Own your data: Host interactive audio chats under your website and domain. Connect with your community on your terms in your space!


  • 30-Day Free Trial
  • $99/month per Space
  • Includes first 10,000 minutes for unlimited users
  • $5/1000 minutes after


  • 1/1 Chat
  • Live group audio
  • Full white labeling for your site


  • Full integration within your application for your clients to utilize
  • Custom setup and white labeling
  • Utilize our technology to add live audio to your app